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Struggling to find a Dallas washer repair business to assist you with your washer repair problems? Our company is located in the Dallas TX area and offers a reliable solution for all that require a quick and effective washer repair.

Our business has provided washer repair in Dallas TX for as long as we have been operational. We have discovered nearly every washer problem imaginable. As a result, our repair technicians know exactly what they are doing when they step into a Dallas TX home with the intent of taking a look at a problematic washing machine.

Our technicians put top craftsmanship into every washer repair job they do. We believe you will be satisfied with our service if you choose us for your appliance repair.

We often find that washer problems fall into one of the following common categories:

  • Not running cycles properly.
  • Not finishing a load.
  • Making loud noises.
  • Leaking while running.
  • Not cleaning clothes properly.
  • Not turning on.

We are adept in washing machine repairs and will have no issue helping you out if you require a washer repair in Dallas TX.

After calling us, we will send a repair tech to your home. The technician will:

  • Diagnose the washing machine.
  • Evaluate the condition of the washer parts.
  • Estimate the cost of replacement washer parts and labor.
  • Gather the washer parts in Dallas TX.
  • Install the parts and final testing of the machine.

Once it’s back up and running, that’s it!

As an added bonus, we discount new clients $10 from their first repair and everyone receives a 100% discount on their service call charge if a repair is made.

Helpful tip

Occasional wipe downs are okay, but a full cleaning of your washer should take place at least once a month. To do this, simply mix white vinegar with a cup of baking soda. The solution can then be poured into the drum. It creates similar effects to scrubbing, but more importantly, it is a pH neutral solution. Then, put the washer on the highest temperature cycle and do a second rinse. If you have a really bad mildew-like odor, use bleach instead of vinegar. If your washer has a self-cleaning function, check the owner’s manual for guidance.

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